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Simulmedia’s Performance TV is a new way to buy premium video advertising. Its data-optimized targeting combines the world’s largest TV audience database with its patented, predictive TV analytics platform, VAMOS, to find and reach audiences with precision, scale and cost-efficiency unmatched by any other video ad company. 17 of the top Fortune 100 Advertisers have used Simulmedia’s Performance TV in more than 1000 campaigns, to make their TV advertising smarter, and their ad dollars work harder. TV networks, like ABC, FOX, Turner, Viacom and CBS, use Simulmedia when they need to drive ratings for shows. No TV company has better predictive targeting technology, more experience in data-optimized TV ad delivery and access to more national TV inventory than Simulmedia’s performance TV. For more information, visit www.simulmedia.com.”



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Simulmedia Partners With LiveRamp for Easier TV-to-Digital Attribution