Our partnership with

Programmatic Mechanics

Programmatic Mechanics is an advertising technology platform for almost anything bought and sold in real-time media. We are different because of our complete openness to costs, delivery, data ownership and fraud protection. Our team is passionate, flexible and responsive. And, we’re taking on the established ad tech companies with a challenge for better service, results and transparency. With us, you can pick up the phone and get help right away. Real people living in America answer questions and resolving problems. Imagine that. Programmatic Mechanics (‘PM’) mission is to provide the highest quality managed-service buying solution to advertisers. Programmatic Mechanics provides media space similar to a network or a DSP. As opposed to aggregating publishers like a network, the company uses proprietary and licensed technology to purchase the best possible ads in real time on the behalf of clients. Most of the clients are advertisers looking to increase their presence across display, video, mobile and social channels.”