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Phoenix Marketing International

Phoenix Marketing International (PMI) is the fastest growing advertising and brand research firm in the US, and the leading provider of syndicated advertising performance measurement through its real-world viewing, always-on Brand Effect platform. Over 400 advertisers and media companies currently use PMI’s Ad & Brand Measurement to maximize their ad effectiveness & ROI.

PMI’s Brand Effect quantifies, and scores, the impact of television & digital advertising based on all drivers of performance  including attention, creative, media weight, media placement, competitive activity, etc.. It operates at scale, covering virtually the entire domestic advertising space: 65K TV/digital ads measured annually & 30K programs, & 14K+ panelists everyday – 3M annually.

Brand Effect’s proprietary metrics (Program Engagement, Ad, Brand & Message Memorability, Likability and Purchase Consideration) are proven to be highly predictive of sales impact and other marketing outcomes.  Full demographic and buyer behavior profiling allow for targeted insights on specific segments of consumers.


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