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Lumate is pioneering programmatic buying of mobile advertising through their context driven mobile DSP (AdTrade™) and their white-label self-service portal (AdMotive™). Lumate is a technology driven company offering products that fill voids in the mobile advertising supply chain by providing advertisers and ad networks with data rich audience targeting capabilities. Lumate’s platform, that creates context around mobile advertising, is powered by a combination of geo-location, RTB (Real Time Bidding), and first and third-party data, such as direct user feedback. The synergy of these technologies provides mobile targeting capabilities for ad networks, ad agencies, media buyers, and self-service advertisers in a privacy compliant manner. AdTrade™ analyzes millions of data points to determine user behavior and contextual relevancy. That information, combined with additional data from DataWell™ and our Self-optimization Algorithm, is used to determine which ads are most relevant to the user of each device.”