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Ibotta (“I bought a…”) is one of the most frequently used mobile shopping apps in the United States. Ibotta has delivered more than $370 million in cumulative cash rebates to its 27+ million millennial users on groceries, clothing, electronics, gifts, home and office supplies, restaurant dining, hotel rooms, and more. Ibotta partners with more than 1,300 leading brands and retailers, and offers cash back on purchases made both online and at brick-and-mortar stores. To qualify for grocery rebates, consumers are required to share their offline purchase data with Ibotta by taking a picture of their entire shopping receipt or linking their loyalty card to the Ibotta app. This gives Ibotta real-time access to SKU-level purchase data across all stores, deterministically linked to a logged in user.

Through LiveRamp, CPG brands have access to Ibotta’s catalog of SKU-level purchase data, allowing them to understand their product purchasers on a true 1:1 basis. Alternatively, brands can access Ibotta syndicated audiences through Data Marketplace for data-driven targeting.


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1-Pager: Ibotta SKU-Level Transaction Data Tied to IdentityLink

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Dynamic Segmentation via LiveRamp


Ibotta Launches Dynamic Segmentation, Partners with LiveRamp to Drive Incremental Sales for Retailers