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Freeosk, Inc.

With over 1300 interactive sampling kiosks located across the country and inside today’s most well-known and loved retailers, Freeosk helps shoppers discover a wide variety of CPG products every day. Freeosk’s targeted audiences – actual, predictive and custom – are each built upon this valuable and unique database of active sampling shoppers. Instead of looking in the rear-view mirror and understanding what someone has purchased in the past, our CPG data is like turning on the headlights and seeing the potential purchase funnel up ahead. The majority of our samplers that move from testing to purchase are new to the product and sub-category (up to 60%). By partnering with LiveRamp, marketers can now easily connect with active, open-minded shoppers, especially those who may fall outside of a purchase-based program’s grasp, by purchasing Freeosk Audiences for direct media activation, social media retargeting, and more. Popular category segments are available in the LiveRamp Data Store now and more targeted, granular custom segments or scaled models can be generated by request using the same, unique seed data.


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