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Clickagy, a ZoomInfo company, is a data intelligence provider that enables marketers and agencies to significantly improve the performance of their digital marketing programs by identifying the most engaged and relevant audience for every campaign. Built on hundreds of terabytes of unique and high-quality buyer intent data, Clickagy developed cutting-edge machine-learning capabilities that analyzes the online behavior of hundreds of millions of consumers, fueling the marketing and advertising efforts of the world’s top brands.

Audience Lab, by Clickagy, is a unique data platform which enables marketers to build specific, high-precision audiences based on raw, granular online consumer behavior data. With Audience Lab, users can combine multiple keywords to define a visitor’s journey, manipulate affinities to control quality vs quantity, exclude false positives, blend in other data sources – including offline, and delve into pages or domains using proprietary NLP (Natural Language Processing) analysis engine. Fully transparent, Audience Lab is revolutionizing 1st and 3rd party data and empowering brands to find their perfect audience.


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