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Captiv8 is a full service influencer marketing solution that redefines end-to-end, inspiring you to think bigger, enabling you to plan smarter and empowering you to execute better. Through our intuitive workflow, brands can uncover actionable insights on trends, discover and vet influencers, seamlessly activate campaigns at scale, amplify branded content across the digital ecosystem, and prove business impact through our measurement dashboard. Our platform gives you the tools you need to build relationships and engaging content, while our teams lend experiences and strategic services to steer you clear of common influencer marketing pitfalls. 

Through Captiv8’s partnership with LiveRamp, brands can leverage LiveRamp’s identity resolution technology to connect their first-party CRM data directly with over ten million+ influencers across Captiv8’s database. This powerful fusion of first-party data alongside Captiv8’s advanced AI/ML data engine enables brands to discover authentic influencers who are already brand advocates.


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