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Blueshift helps brands deliver relevant, connected experiences across the entire omnichannel customer journey. It’s SmartHub CDP uses patented AI technology to unify, inform, and activate data across all channels and provides the complete toolkit 一 audience segmentation, predictive intelligence, 1:1 content personalization, omnichannel orchestration, and full-circle insights 一 to seamlessly scale 1:1 experiences at the right moments. Leading consumer brands such as LendingTree, Udacity, Discovery, PayPal, Groupon, and the BBC use Blueshift to drive continued revenue growth.

Blueshift coupled with LiveRamp help brands optimize media budgets by activating first-party data. Easily create precise audiences based on affinities, intents, on-site behaviors, campaign engagement trends, and other attributes and automatically sync audiences to your favorite ad platforms and media providers.


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