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Beachfront is a video ad management platform for media and advertisers. At the convergence of digital video and traditional TV, we are the trusted source for transparent buying and selling of premium video inventory, and the only real-time solution for set-top-box VOD and OTT. The world’s largest media owners partner with us to build custom video advertising solutions that enable yield optimization and revenue automation across screens—while global agencies and brands work with us to deploy premium video campaigns to maximize ROI.

Our partnership with LiveRamp enables our joint demand partners to execute campaigns across Beachfront’s premium video inventory—including highly-sought after CTV inventory—leveraging LiveRamp’s IdentityLink (IDL) solution as the core identifier for personalization and measurement. This joint-solution helps modern ad buyers increase campaign reach, scale and impact with a privacy-first, cookieless identifier that accounts for recent disruption in the industry.


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