Data for Good

LiveRamp is a company of innovators, engineers, marketers, and data ethics experts who are on a mission to make data usage safe and easy.

Connecting and enabling data safely

By being the trusted platform that makes data accessible and meaningful in a privacy-centric way, both individuals and businesses can benefit from getting the much-needed context for delivering better, more relevant customer experiences.

We are the platform that connects and enables data to be safely used across all applications that power better customer experiences.


We are committed to consumer privacy

A culture of accountability is essential to success in a data-driven world. Above all, we believe in doing what’s legal, just, and fair.


We drive conversations around data ethics

We advocate for policies that protect consumers and provide a level playing field for companies of all sizes to deliver great experiences.


We believe in the power of data for good

Data can shape our world for the better, and is helping to address humanitarian issues like poverty, health, education, and the environment.

We believe everyone should have control and choice over their data

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Debunking Data Myths

Answers to our frequently asked questions

What types of data does LiveRamp have on me?

LiveRamp does not store personally identifiable information. LiveRamp de-identifies personally identifiable information when ingested into our system, so we do not have data that directly corresponds with an identifiable individual.

What does LiveRamp do with my data?

When LiveRamp receives data from brands, we replace all personally identifiable information with anonymous links. The anonymous links are then used by brands to prepare for online advertising campaigns. We serve as the platform that connects and enables data to be safely used across all applications that power better customer experiences.

How does LiveRamp keep my data safe?

Data ethics and privacy is fundamental in everything we do at LiveRamp. We are in compliance with all laws and regulations that govern what consumer information can and cannot be stored and exchanged by companies, such as GDPR and the upcoming CCPA.

Does LiveRamp track me around the Internet?

No. LiveRamp does not engage with you directly. Rather, LiveRamp works with brands that you may have engaged with directly on the Internet, such as by visiting their website.

Building Trust in Digital Ecosystem

Watch this video to hear about the company’s commitment to ethical data use, building trust, and creating a platform where data is used for good.


Data Ethics and Privacy

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